APRIL&MAY PROMO : Free shipping on all orders over $48!

APRIL&MAY PROMO : Free shipping on all orders over $48!

Chinese Feng Shui Wealth Lucky Coin

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Authentic Chinese coins, because of the ching style this bracelet is considered a charm that will attract good luck and wealth.

It's also a modern reproduction of Emperor SHIH TSU currency.

In the Taoist world, the round coin with a square hole in the middle represent heaven and earth.


- Material : Red and Copper string, Coin are in Copper


- Small Coin Diameter : 1.5 cm (0.59 inch)

- Big coin Diameter : 2 cm (0.79)

- 1 piece

- Length : 20 cm (8 inches) adjustable


Buy 1 for every family member and get a massive discount when you buy 3 to 5 at a time! 


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